Nature... it looks good on you!
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Nature... it looks good on you!

We get calls, letters, and emails from all over the country extolling the benefits of our products. It is very fulfilling and rewarding to hear from customers that our products are helping them live more comfortably and healthfully.

Here are a few testimonials

I just want to let you know that I am so happy about your product. I am a 30 years old woman and I have been suffering of menstrual migraines for about 10 years. My migraines are so intense that they make me nauseous and vomit very thing that comes in my mouth for 2 days each months. Even walking or talking makes me vomit. I tried your cream last month along with chaste tree seed tea and vitamin B and I am AMAZED by the results. I still experience migraine BUT it was way less intense and I didn't vomit at all :). And the migraine I experience was my fault because I went to my choir practice when I should have been resting.

Please share my testimony if it can be a help to anyone. I will continue using the product and I strongly believe that my symptoms will go away soon.

God bless!


 My absolute favorite line of skin care EVER.

I'm a makeup artist and photographer and I can honestly say it's changed my face in the best way.

I use it on clients before makeup and it's the best surface to do makeup on. Please don't ever leave!

Tess Johnson

Thank you for making products that are organic and mindfully produced, cruelty-free and safe for the planet.
I recently purchased your Skin Healer Salve for my husband, who had a reaction to some kinesiotape. He has eczema - which I've been treating successfully with acupuncture and herbs - so his skin is particularly sensitive.

He woke up this morning - 2 days after using your salve - to report that his tape rash had healed completely, this after not resolving for 2 weeks.

He shared with me that he also applied the salve to his lips after splitting them during a trumpet rehearsal and felt immediate healing. His lips were completely resolved within 30 minutes.

He decided - since he was having such success with his other body parts - to try the salve on his eczema, which flared up a touch with some recent stress this week. He was pleased to see that the salve relieved the redness and calmed the skin down noticeably.

So I decided to write and share our story. Perhaps it will serve as a testimonial on your website. I certainly hope it serves to brighten your day and give you a boost as you continue to produce treatments that support the continuation of healthy life on the planet.

I'd love to know more about the story behind your company and how you came to choose the name and the formulations. I see that you're based in Maine. Do you grow locally or source from different farms?

Thanks so much,


 ”With so many companies who use toxic ingredients, it is so refreshing to put my money towards a company like Indian Meadow Herbals who care about the integrity & health of their products & their customers who use them! Thank you for being uncompromising in your endeavor to provide products that are truly wholesome & effective. I personally use the Wild Yam cream that has brought me much relief to symptoms that come with endometriosis. Please continue to pursue your honestly untainted & organic products that your customers can feel confident about purchasing, knowing that your practices are beneficial for the environment & that those who use them can do so without inhibition to health in any way.”



I have been using Belly and Vaginal Balm for almost two months, and I can't believe what a difference it has made in my life. I am postmenopausal and suffered from severe vaginal dryness--bad enough that the delicate skin of the area would often tear open during trips to the bathroom, leaving me a bleeding, sore mess. I was desperate for relief and refused to try drugstore products that contain a lot of chemicals (which are absorbed by mucous membranes even more readily than by the rest of the skin).


Finally, after hours of online research, I found Belly and Vaginal Balm, ordered it, and have been using it daily ever since. The balm is very soothing and hydrating, without any stickiness or unpleasant "slippery" feeling; in fact, I can't even tell that it's there--except for the huge relief it has given me. The skin in my vaginal and surrounding area is firmer and more supple, and I haven't suffered from any more tearing/bleeding since starting to use it!! The scent is practically imperceptible, but if I stick my nose within an inch of the jar, I can detect a faint clean, herbal scent. The balm form of the product makes it so easy to apply; I can use exactly what I need without the messy spills associated with oils and other liquids.


Thank you, Indian Meadow Herbals, for developing Belly and Vaginal Balm. It's not normal to be obsessed with the state of one's genital area, and I feel such freedom now that I don't have to anymore!


Pat C.


I recently discovered your line of facial creams and I absolutely love them! I have tried several different moisturizers for my skin with not so positive results. When I began using the Love Your Face Cream, it was like Cinderella finding her glass slipper. A perfect fit! I want to thank you for producing such quality products at such a reasonable price. Please don't ever change the creams, they are wonderful!

Being from Massachusetts, I also appreciate that you are a local company. Maine is quite beautiful. Keep up the great work!

Amy, Lowell, MA.

My daughter has severe eczema. I was told to find a product that contained blueberry leaves in the lotion. An internet search led me to your company. I have tried hundreds of crèmes, lotions, oils, etc and mostly they have been a waist of my money. I ordered the skin healing salve and blueberry creme because of a testimonial I had read but had to fulfill the minimum order so I also ordered the love your face crème. This was the first time my daughter did not scream from something burning her skin. I have to order more because we ran out so quickly since I ordered just a sample because honestly I thought it would work like everything else…terribly! Instead, it was wonderful!!! If all of your other products are as good as what I have used and read, I cannot wait!!!

Angela M.

I love your products and wanted to send you an enthusiastic thank you for providing me with an amazing face cream made with natural ingredients that I will use for the rest of my life. (So please don't discontinue!) I love this cream.

I have very fair, very dry skin with a touch of rosacea, and I have tried many products that never seemed quite right—too light, too filmy, too chemically. I discovered your face cream via a friend's medicine cabinet last summer and was immediately hooked. I love how buttery it is, and I really love that my skin continues to feel moisturized for hours after applying it. Also, the scent is lovely and it feels like a huge accomplishment to have found a product with only natural ingredients listed on the label. I really appreciate your standard in healthy, natural skin care.

Anne Z.

I don't normally do this, but I had to write to you to tell you how blindly in love with your products I am. I discovered them about two years ago, whilst in the throes of a career change. I am in the middle of nursing school and have had to live on an incredibly tight budget, to the point of having to decide whether or not I could afford facial moisturizers. I have incredibly dry and sensitive skin and need gentle, natural products to protect it. The problem I kept running into was price. The types of products I used to use were ridiculously expensive but always did the trick. But spending $60 on one measly ounce of facial moisturizer became impossible. For $22.99 at Whole Foods, I found Love Your Face Cream, the original formula and a 4-ounce supply, at that and.... I am in love!!! And even when I get out of nursing school and CAN afford other products, I will remain a loyal customer of yours. I can never, ever go back - truly the best products ever! Please, please, please remain affordable and please, please, please NEVER CHANGE YOUR FORMULA. It's perfect!!! I tell everyone who will listen about your products.

Courtney S.

Your Wild Yam Root Cream has decreased the frequency of my migraines and at some points, almost rid me of them.

I know my migraines are connected to my hormonal balance (or imbalance) and I assume the cream is creating more balance, hence less headaches.

I so prefer not to take the poisonous pharmaceuticals which aren't all that effective and have destructive side effects. Hooray!!!!!


A few years ago I had bad eczema on the bottoms of both of my feet. At first they thought it was foot fungus and prescribed pills and creams, then treated me for eczema with a steroid ointment. Both started to show improvements at first, then dramatically worsened. I am uninsured and could't really afford the doctors visits. One day while at Whole Foods I was in the natural remedy department and mentioned my problem to a woman that worked there, she showed me several items and talked very highly of Your Skin Healing Salve. It was expensive, but what is $15 vs hundreds, and i already tried hundreds. Within days the inflammation began go down, 2 weeks, even less inflammation and the open wounds on the bottom of my feet were nearly healed, by the end of the month, a dramatic differences was noticed. Within several months from that, my feet had cleared up and I could walk comfortably again. Its been a few years since and occasionally i get minor inflammations, but applying some salve resolves it quickly. There are 5 other Whole Foods in a 5 mile radius, and none of them carry this product, I feel very fortunate to have been at the one that does.

A Very Satisfied Customer,


I just wanted to say that I have tried your Love Your Face cream and the Wild Blueberry lotion for sensitive skin (I have rosacea) and I LOVE these products. With rosacea, just rubbing in lotion can be irritating and both of the above have been easy to apply and very soothing. I have tried other organic companies and either the face cream is too solid and you have to really rub it in or it takes a ton of it to moisturize my face. This becomes expensive because you are using a lot of it in one application to get the desired effect.

Anyway, I wish your products were in Seattle, Washington but I found them in Oregon at New Season's. They are fantastic, really. I thank you as it has been a long process trying to find products that are good for my skin and healthy as well.


Michelle, Washington


I've been using your creams (especially the mature skin cream) and Blueberry mist for a few years now and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with them.

There is simply NO substitute! I had tried several other organic facial products previous to trying yours, with mixed results, but your products always always work for me. I give jars of Skin Healer at Christmas to all my relatives, it is always a popular gift.

Thank you so much!


I picked up the Bite Balm at the Eastside Coop in NE Minneapolis to have on hand, just in case. I woke up this morning with over 13 bug bites in one area and immediately used the Bite balm and bamm the itching swelling and redness went down exponentially. At last a product that works.

Thank you!

Alison, Minneapolis


Just wanted to thank you for your care that goes into your quality products at prices that are attainable. I have been using the wild yam cream and it has truly helped alleviate many adverse symptoms to having high estrogen levels, including helping lower my blood pressure. Although I’m not advocating the cream as a cure for hbp, I know that having high estrogen levels contribute to that imbalance and wild yam has been helping to balance that. I have recommended you to my friends and I know they will soon be customers of yours.


IM Herbals, I have been buying all of my personal care products organic & natural for the past few years, and I've experimented with a LOT of different companies & products. Indian Meadow Herbals has the BEST, in my opinion, creams & lotions I've tried!! Your products are so rich, creamy & effective. I especially love the Blueberry Facial Line, and your Wild Yam Cream. I'm in my early 40's, and don't want to take anything for the "wonderful" menopause symptoms I'm starting to experience, and I love the fact that your Wild Yam cream is organic, & I can apply as little or as much as I need. So far, my nightsweats have dramatically lessened--yay!

Thank You,

Amy, Wisconsin


I recently purchased a bottle of wild blueberry cream for mature skin. It is the BEST product I have ever applied to my face, neck and chest. Not only is my skin softer than ever, it has a glow that lasts the entire day. After a week, people have actually asked me what I was using, it was that obvious. I will not consider buying anything else from now on.

Thank you for using nature's products. (by the way, it works great on rough heels as well.)

Walled Lake, MI

I tried your Wild Blueberry Eye Creme and I love the consistancy.
I use it on my lips too.
I like the glossy and healthy look that it gives my lips as well.
It is definitely a special product.
I believe in the power of berries and anthocyanins. (However you spell it)
I eat blueberries all the time and they are always organic, so having something so wonderful in a face creme is more then I could ask for.

Thank you for creating this product.

Marissa, Rochester, NY

Bite Balm really works for black fly bites. Soon after I put it on a bite, itching stops. Several hours later, the swelling has gone down. I have recommended Bite Balm to friends.

Peg, Steuben, ME

I have been wanting to send you an email for some time and finally, here's my chance. About 5-6 years ago, I picked up a jar of Skin Healer Salve in a sale bin at the Queen's Health Emporium in Queens, NY. I started using it for this and that and was blown away by it's amazing healing capabilities. I gave some to my son and also got my grandchild's Mom to start using it on her. We use it for every bump, bruise and even on Izzy's (my grandchild) pierced ears. The most amazing thing is it's ability to stop the pain on burns almost instantainously. One more thing, we have a nickname for the Skin Healer Salve, we call it .... "MAGIC"! Thanks for providing this magical product.

Sandra, Syrause, NY

I wanted to thank you for the sheer joy your products have brought to my family. My boys are all competetive swimmers and deal with the combination of chlorine, winter weather and teenage skin. Your Love My Face cream has been a welcome addition to their daily skin maintenence. I love the purity of the product, of all your products. I tried your Blueberry eye cream. It makes me smile every time I use it, it feels as if my skin is inhaling the nutrients. I look so forward to trying other products in your line and being able to support such a wonderful local business.

Thank you again.


I recently had a medical procedure which abraded my vaginal area and made it painful to urinate. I applied the Skin Healer Salve and the pain was totally gone in one day. I also use it for minor burns near the stove, bug bites that irritate and anyplace I need a little extra moisture. It goes with me everywhere.

Gay, Palm Coast, FL

Just received my order. Thank you! Love your product, love the company and all dealings I have had are positive ones. Thank you for the sample of Healing Salve. LOVE IT!

Sheila, Bradford, MA

The Love Your Face Cream is the most wonderful, effective moisturizer I have ever used. It makes my skin glow and feel healthier than any of the chemical-laden products. Thank you! I stumbled upon your products on accident - and I am so grateful.

Aarti, San Francisco, CA

I LOVE this cream. I tried it for the first time when we were in Maine this summer, because I ran out of my usual eye cream. I purchased it in a lovely little boutique on Mt. Desert Island. Finally, a cream that soothes my eyes, makes them look bright and rested, but doesn't have all of those harsh "wrinkle reducing" ingredients that literally burn the skin around my eyes. Great stuff!

Lisa, Kingsville, MD

I want to thank you so much. The redness I've had on my cheeks and nose for 10 years is gone!! I even feel comfortable going without makeup again. I love all of your products, especially the Love your Body Cream, which is just the most luscious thing I've ever put on. I feel like a queen when I use it and it makes my body immediately look years younger.


Patricia, Tenants Harbor, ME

I wanted to let you know just how thankful I am to have found your wonderful Blue Line products. I became very sensitive to everything that is used every day from cleaning products to personal care products, clothes, food, and medicines.

When I used other skin care products in the health food stores my face and hands would swell up over night. I took other products to my doctor who tested me and sure enough, everything was not good. Imagine how I felt when he said your products were good for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I nearly cried I was so happy.

Sharon, Turner, ME

I'm writing to pass on some well-deserved praise about the performance at Indian Meadow Herbals. Since I am often quick to criticize poor service, I want to be sure to give credit for good service when it's due.

My son, who is 4 1/2, has been suffering from eczema since he was an infant. Over the years I have tried many different things to try and help his eczema and try to get him off of the steroids. Most everything has hurt him when his skin was raw and bloody from the eczema. Even straight Aloe.

Recently our family purchased the Love your Body Cream for something new to try. We have had great results on cuts and wounds with the Skin Healer Salve, so we thought we would try something new.

On a trip out of state, the heat exacerbated his eczema and during the night he had scratched and rubbed himself extremely raw and bloody. So much so that it was painful to take his pajamas off. After soaking him in his bath we had put his steroid cream on and it just burned. So we tried your cream and the relief on his face was instantaneous. He perked up and stopped shaking from the pain. He was so happy, as was I. We have continued to use the cream, and within days you hardly know that his legs were raw. They have improved that much.

It's been the only thing we have found that not only helped with his eczema but his skin has softened as well, and is no longer scaly like it had been. I once again thank you for such a wonderful product, and it is something I will continue using. Especially since my son loves it so much. In his words "It makes me better." As you can imagine, this made me quite happy.

Deborah, Littleton, CO

Wild Oats in Princeton, NJ recommended your Skin Healer Salve to me . . . for help in dealing with an itchy scaly eczema breakout that had not responded to standard medical treatment such as cortisone cream and a variety of other over-the-counter creams. I tried baby creams, European creams, all in all at least 10 different products. Everyone of them caused a stinging sensation on my face and neck. I applied Skin Healer Salve and there was no stinging or burning. Overnight my skin was 80% improved. The flaking and itching is completely gone and now I only have a faint redness which is almost imperceptible.

Marie, Princeton, NJ

Thank you so much for sending me my jar of Belly Vaginal Balm. I wanted to mention to you as a lactating woman experiencing vaginal dryness, you might tell your retailers to place BVB in their child-bearing as well as their menopausal sections. Many women might be missing this fabulous product!

M.T., Studio City, CA

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have discovered your products, after such a really long time scanning the shelves of the stores in search of simply (and truly) natural face cream... the kind my mother used to mix at home in France after the war in her kitchen! Know that they are MAGICAL!

Arlette, NYC

I had the occasion to try your Wild Yam Root cream and found relief from hot flashes.

Linda, Franklin, NH

Your Wild Yam Root cream has improved my life. No more headaches.

Deirdre, Upper Montclair, NJ

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products. I worked full and part time in a natural food store in Maryland for 9 years and have been interested in the uses of medicinal herbs for a slightly longer time. Working in the store causes me to be aware of what the natural products industry has to offer and to fine-tune my discernment of such products. I've, been to, I think, 9 Natural Products Expo East gatherings (which is where I discovered your products) and I take the word "natural" very seriously. Many of the products that exist on the shelves of natural food stores are not worthy and are not things that I would ever spend money on. Your products, on the other hand, are. I suffer from winter dry skin (especially from artificial, dry heat) and what I have self-diagnosed as eczema. I have consumed flax seed oil and evening primrose oil and [other products] without the relief and noticeable difference that your "Love My Body Cream" has offered. I get my partner to massage it into my back and other trouble-spots (only once a week) and it has helped so well that I was prompted to send you this lengthy e-mail. Thank you both very much.

Meghan, Bowie, MD

I have been going through peri-menopause for the past year. The night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, and fatigue began to affect my every day function. My fourteen-year old daughter has been using Indian Meadows Wild Yam Root Cream to help tone down her raging hormones and heavy menses. Seeing how well the yam cream worked for her, I thought I would give it a try. To my delight I began to have a boost in energy, and my other symptoms improved dramatically. As long as I remember to apply it before bed, I usually sleep through the night, and without waking in a sweat. What I like most about the cream is that we can regulate the dosage according to our individual needs. As a writer and author of "The Voucher System Behavior Management Program" I am happy to be able to suggest this product to parents who may find it beneficial.

Gail, Dexter, Maine

 Nancy and all loving hands at Indian Meadow Herbals,
I've been meaning to write for almost a year now, since I started using your Love Your Face Cream, and now, here I am.
I used to  work in the supplement department of a large health food store in Santa Cruz, CA and had the opportunity to try what felt like just about all there was to offer as far as "natural" skin care. After being taken out to dinner and given countless presentations by different companies hoping we'd recommend their products to shoppers, I feel like I gained a keen awareness that that most of the products simply contained too much "stuff". I had also been studying holisitc nutrition a the time and had the hardest time finding skin care that had readable ingredients and no synthetic fragrance, many were trying to make a natural cream smell like acai mango rainforest;)
 I love the simple, apothecary-feeling package and label and the ingredient list just wowed me with its simplicity. I've been using it for a year now and can not give it enough praise. I wash my face with a warm wash cloth, spritz with a bit of rosewater toner, and then apply your cream-  my skin feels so nourished and hydrated.
Finally, I love that the business is Women-owned and I have so much respect for the fact that you grow much of the ingredients in the products. You are an inspiration!
I look forward to using your wonderful products and recommending them for years to come.
Madeline, CA

Love, love, LOVE your face cream. I've been looking forever to find a face cream that works and is good for you and has great natural ingredients. This is by far the best I have ever used! I will continue to use for as long as you make it and I will tell everyone I know about your fabulous products! Thanks again!

Danielle, Exeter, NH

My grandbaby stepped on a flying ant the night before her first day of kindergarten.  Well, needless to say, everyone freaked out!!  I applied IMH Bite Balm and the next morning there was NO TRACE of the bite.  Love the Bite Balm!!

Joanne H. aka "Mamie", MS

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